From homes and units to offices and retail stores, learn more about our range of roller shutters in Perth.

Beef Up Security

Essential for increasing the security of your home, window roller shutters add an extra layer between the inside of your home and an intruder. Closely fitted to windows, roller shutters provide a physical deterrent, to minimise the chance of your home becoming a target for intruders looking for a quick and easy job.

Enhance Privacy

Without adequate drapes or blinds, the interior of your home may be visible to people walking on the street or cars driving past. Particularly at night, lamps and lights inside can draw attention to what’s going on in your home. For added safety and privacy, roller shutters completely block views from the outside looking in. Enjoy your space in peace and comfort knowing that you’re not being watched.

Control Airflow and Light

Roller shutters allow you to control the amount of light and airflow entering your space. From blocking out cold air in winter to letting the sun flow through in summer, you have full reign over your space. Plus, many night shift workers find that roller shutters offer sufficient blackout capabilities to allow them to get a good sleep even on the sunniest day.

Reduce Energy Bills

Add an extra layer of insulation to your windows with roller shutters. By keeping warm or cool air in your home, you’re able to minimise your energy bills and keep temperatures stable without constantly relying on heating or cooling systems.

Our Range of Roller Shutters

At SafeGuard Industries, we manufacture and install high quality electric or electric remote roller shutters on homes and commercial buildings across Perth. Custom-made in Western Australia, our roller shutters meet strict industry standards of safety, reliability and functionality.

Manufactured with high-density polyurethane and designed with strong interlocking slats and deep side channels, our roller shutters are resistant to intruders and forced entry. Coming in a variety of designs, styles, colours and sizes, let SafeGuard Industries help you create your custom roller shutters in Perth.

Perth’s Roller Shutter Installation Professionals

Secure your home or business with high quality, durable and strong roller shutters in Perth. At SafeGuard Industries, we specialise in supplying and installing a wide range of window roller shutters designed to deter threats and keep your property safe. Roller shutters are a great investment not only just for security, but also for temperature and weather control, added insulation and improved privacy.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we specialise in roller shutter installation and window roller shutters in Perth. We’ve got solutions to suit all your requirements, ensuring that your property is protected day and night with secure roller shutters.