With a variety of options on the market, choosing the perfect security door mesh can seem like a challenging task. At SafeGuard Industries, we provide personalised advice and assistance in selecting the ideal security screens and mesh in Perth.   Putting your safety and security first, our entire range of security door mesh and screens meet strict high standards of quality and reliability. Learn more about our selection of security door mesh to get started on choosing the right solution for you.

Reliable Security Mesh

Enjoy the breeze and the sunshine without compromising on your safety and privacy. Our security mesh allows you to keep your doors and windows open with confidence that you’re staying safe and protected. Plus, you minimise energy bills, add to your property’s value and, in the case of fire egress screens, improve your overall fire safety.

Impact and Stress Resistant

Your security mesh needs to distribute force efficiently. By distributing the force of impact throughout the entire mesh, even under the most severe attacks, your mesh stays in place thanks to vibrations engineered with quality mesh for maximum durability.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion seriously degrades metal and can impact the lifespan of your doors and windows. Select mesh and materials that have been engineered to withstand and protect against excessive corrosion – most commonly found in coastal climates and conditions.

Fire Resistance

Selected security mesh is fire resistant, offering enhanced protection of your home during bushfire season and keeping you and your family safe year-round. In areas frequently affected by fires, opt for a fire-resistant product when choosing your security mesh.

Vision and Air Flow

When purchasing your security door mesh and security screens in Perth, consider vision and flow. You’ll want to make sure that you’re still able to see out relatively clearly with a mesh density that works for your home. Ensure that your mesh allows for the level of ventilation you desire for comfortable, secure and safe living.

Find An Experienced Security Screens Team in Perth

Working with clients across Perth, SafeGuard Industries provides expert advice, support and services for security door mesh and security screens. Backed by qualifications, experience and expertise, we equip your home with the safest and most effective solutions according to your circumstances. Get personalised advice on our entire range of security mesh solutions. Contact us on (08) 9418 3880 today.