The security of many businesses and homes – both large and small – often revolves around dependable roller shutters. When shutters fail to operate correctly, this not only creates the potential of theft or property damage, but inhibits normal business operations and threatens your income source. 

Fortunately, roller shutters are largely mechanical and typically last for many years without a serious issue. There are several key tips to tackling common issues, helping you avoid leaving both property and inventory at risk. Read to learn about roller shutter issues and how best to deal with them, and if all else fails remember Safeguard Industries are on hand to provide immediate, professional service.

Failure to open or close fully

A commonly experienced issue is with roller shutters not shutting, or opening, completely. There are a few steps to take when trying to fix this problem, starting with checking the power source. This may sound obvious, but often a minor accident can unknowingly hinder roller shutter functionality

Turn the power source off and on, and check the lights that signify power. Investigate whether the automatic sensors are blocked or dirty, and if all seems well, contact the professionals at Safeguard Industries for professional roller shutter repairs.

Jammed roller shutters

Sticky or jammed roller shutters typically means there’s a lubrication issue, in which case grab some of the classically reliable WD40. Line each of the rails fully, and if the cause was lack of lubrication the issues should be solved.

If the use of some moderate force to the shutters does the trick, there’s no serious issue at play. If WD40 also solves a screeching noise that occurs while opening your roller shutters, then your problem is likely fully fixed!

Overheating roller shutters

Roller shutters that experience constant movement and use can tend to overheat over time, particularly in Perth summers where the temperature is higher than normal. Oftentimes letting your shutter rest for a while, to cool down, solves most issues resulting from overheating. Should the problems persist, reach out for roller shutter repairs from the experts at Safeguard Industries.

Cracks or dents in roller shutters

Overtime, regular use can cause serious issues to roller shutters that prevent them from functioning properly. For those businesses in public locations, it’s common for shutters to receive dents, dings, and cracks from vehicles or passers-by. Small indents shouldn’t cause a serious problem, but over time this damage can accumulate into a significant issue. 

It can be tricky to undo damage caused from dents and cracks, so if you suffer from seriously inhibiting problems, be sure to call the experts at Safeguard Industries before the issue gets too far. Take care to maintain your shutters, and operate smart by seeking professional advice when you need it.

Excellence of service with Safeguard Industries

As Perth’s leading roller shutter experts for over 25 years, Safeguard Industries have the specialist knowledge and professional service needed to quickly and efficiently tackle your roller shutter repairs. For information on our manufacturing, supply, installation, and repair of premium roller shutters, don’t hesitate to get in touch today