One-Way Vision Doors

One-Way Vision Doors
Keeping your family safe with high end security doors shouldn’t mean spoiling the vista from inside your house. You have worked hard to own your own home and you’re making a smart call getting hinged security doors from SafeGuard Industries. Our one-way vision doors mean uncompromising safety, with uncompromising views.
DVA Ultra Mesh Hinged door
Our DVA Ultra Mesh hinged doors are the ultimate in privacy and home safety. The innovative security mesh provides restricted one-way vision to obscure the view from outside so you can leave the main door open for air flow without needing to worry about unwanted guests (human or otherwise!) seeing in.

These doors are stylish, long lasting, and affordable. They add value to your home without detracting from the way it looks, and are guaranteed for years.

DVA Ultra Mesh is available from SafeGuard Industries in single door and double door options.

Single & Double Door Features include:
Pneumatic closer
Tough 2mm aluminium mesh louvred to provide one-way vision
Heavy duty aluminium framing
Austral three-point locking system
Solid aluminium corner bracing
Brush seal to base (bug strip)
Three fixed pin security hinges
Extensive colour range to match any home
Sliding Door Features include:
  • Ball bearing rollers on top and bottom of door
  • Tough 2mm aluminium mesh louvered to provide one-way vision
  • Aluminium framing
  • Austral three-point locking system
  • Solid aluminium corner bracing
  • Heavy duty interlock to mullion and door
  • Extensive colour range

When security and privacy are your top priorities, call SafeGuard Industries for a no-obligation quote on tough, stylish one-way vision doors.

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