One of the most effective threat deterrence methods, investing in a good security door is essential for homeowners. Regardless of the suburb you live in, homes are always at risk of becoming targets for intruders and burglars. As intruders are drawn to homes with minimal security and straightforward access, security doors provide a physical deterrence to keep threats at bay.

At SafeGuard Industries, we specialise in supplying and installing a wide range of grille doors and security doors in Perth. Engineered for maximum safety and sturdiness, our doors are designed to withstand impact and make penetration near impossible.

Learn more about our range of security doors and why you need one.

Why Are Security Doors Important?

Security doors provide you with an added layer of protection and safety against those on the other side, guarding your home against intruders even when you’re not around.

For intruders and burglars, ease of access makes a home all the more attractive. If an intruder has to spend time and energy trying to break through your security door, the chances of you – or your neighbours – catching them increases significantly. By simply installing a high quality security screen door, you can deter intruders from making your home their target.

Plus, security doors are ideal for allowing ventilation and airflow without the risk of children or pets escaping. Make the most of cool breezes and warm weather without having to keep a constant eye on whether your kids – or your pets – are making a beeline for whatever they’ve spotted on the street.

Types of Security Doors

At SafeGuard Industries, we know that each homeowner has unique aesthetic and functionality requirements. That’s why we stock a wide range of security doors to suit all styles and applications. Our range includes:

One-Way Vision Doors

Our One-Way Vision Doors allow you to make the most of your views without compromising on safety. Fitted with premium security mesh, restricted one-way vision means that views from the outside are obscured.

Stainless Steel Mesh Doors

Strong and durable, we utilise SecuraScreen Stainless Steel Mesh Doors for maximum strength and security. Resistant to impact and long lasting, our doors provide you with peace of mind.

AliGuard Security Doors

Offering a unique combination of durability and security, AliGuard Security Doors are crafted from non-corrosive, 2mm thick perforated aluminium sheet. Featuring a resilient powder coating, AliGuard Security Doors are engineered to withstand the WA climate.

Decorative Safety Doors

Style doesn’t mean function has to suffer. Secure and high quality, our Decorative Safety Doors come in unique designs and styles to suit your taste.

Grille Doors

Cost effective and available in a wide range of colours and styles, our Grille Doors are ideal for deterring threats and intruders.

Expert Advice on Security Screen Doors

Searching for a high quality security door in Perth? Get reliable advice from the team at SafeGuard Industries. Learn more about our full range of doors and chat with our experts. Contact us on (08) 9418 3880.