CCTV is often considered an advanced security solution. While it can record a security breach on camera, it may not keep your property safe on its own. If an intruder comes equipped with weapons or the tools to disable security systems, your CCTV may be rendered useless. Plus, if an intruder moves quickly through your home and takes what they want, they may be gone before authorities even reach your property.

While CCTV is effective, it’s best used in conjunction with other security products that will deter, intimidate and slow intruders down. Learn more about the variety of security products you can employ to keep your home safe from threats.

Install Protective Security Products

When it comes to home security products that you can add to your home, there are a number of options:

Security Doors

A good quality security door is one of the best protective products for your home. Adding a layer of defence to your biggest access points, security doors stop intruders in their tracks and slow them down significantly.

Made from premium materials and engineered to withstand impact, security door installation helps to deter threats from choosing your home as their target. Requiring significant expertise and specific tools to remove, homes with security doors present way too many time-consuming risks for intruders looking for a quick and easy job.

Security Screens

If you’d prefer a more discreet and seamless solution, a high-quality security screen is also a great option. Security screens are crafted from a sturdy mesh layer that allows air to flow freely through into your home. Locks are constructed with maximum sturdiness to avoid manipulation or breakage from intruders.

With increased protection on your doors, your home is likely to fall off the target list.

Roller Shutters

Now that you’ve got your doors covered, it’s time to think about protecting your windows. While modern windows are made to resist impact and force, they still can cave under pressure from intruders. By fitting your windows with roller shutters, you add an incredibly tough layer of defence that makes access almost impossible. Covering your entire window with a secure and strong solution, getting through to your window glass then through to your home is a daunting and virtually unachievable task.

Modern roller shutters blend seamlessly into architectural designs of all styles, making them an appealing and functional addition to traditional and contemporary homes.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Did you know that adding security measures to your home actually increases its overall value? Considered a home improvement, security doors and roller shutters are great ways to add value while enhancing functionality and home protection. If you’re considering putting your home on the market – or just want to increase its value – consider adding quality security doors or roller shutters.

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