Your safety and security is an invaluable investment that deserves high-quality protection. Whether for your home or your business, deterring threats and intruders should be high on your priority list.  At SafeGuard Industries, we specialise in the supply and installation of quality custom roller shutters in Perth. Providing security, privacy and versatility, our shutters allow you to enjoy freedom and convenience paired with tough durability and safety.

Find out more about why we recommend installing roller shutters on your property.

Roller Shutters Improve Home Security

For both homes and businesses, safety and security are our top priorities. Featuring strong interlocking slats and deep side channels, our roller shutters are made to protect against impact and damage. Ideal for improving security and safety in your home, roller shutters deter potential intruders and threats before they become serious.

Roller Shutters Control Light and Sunshine

Our roller shutters are flexible and versatile, allowing you to easily change the angle at which they sit to minimise glare and UV rays. Perforated holes in the slats give you control over how much light you want to let into your space.

Unlike standard curtains, roller shutters allow you to completely block out all light when required. Limit light to enjoy a morning sleep in or let sunlight stream through to warm your home in winter. Whatever your preference, simply change the angle of your shutters for maximum comfort.

Roller Shutters Enhance Privacy

At night, visibility into your home is a key concern. As we switch on lights and lamps, our lit-up homes can sometimes draw the eyes of people passing by. Providing you with the flexibility to completely close your shutters, you can maintain privacy at all times with our range of roller shutters.

Open your shutters to allow sun to stream through during the day and close them completely at night for complete privacy and security

Roller Shutters Add Insulation and Reduce Noise

Our shutters are crafted with high-density polyurethane; engineered to reduce heat and cold transference. Insulated and tough, you’re able to keep comfortable temperatures in to minimise your heating and cooling costs. Also reducing noise levels, our roller shutters are perfect for city living and for homes situated close to busy roads.

Roller Shutters Boost the Value of Your Property

Built to withstand years of WA weather conditions, including heavy-duty coastal climates, our roller shutters provide exceptional value and durability. Our roller shutters are engineered to maintain their appearance and functionality for years on end, offering a boost to the value of your property – if you’re thinking of selling.

To keep your roller shutters in top shape, we offer quality roller shutter repairs throughout Perth. Our maintenance and repairs technicians can help to keep your shutters running with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Find Custom Made Roller Shutters in Perth

With an extensive range of durable and versatile roller shutters, finding the ideal solution is simple. At SafeGuard Industries, we create roller shutters built to fit your specific window or space. Made from premium materials and constructed with reliable components, our shutters offer ongoing value, security and privacy.

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