Keeping our Perth customers safe is SafeGuard Security’s top priority; with over 20 years experience in the security industry, you can be sure we supply the most affordable, durable and reliable accessories to keep you and your family safe.
A SafeGuard Industries security door for your home could be a good start to making your home safer, but there are many other ways to increase security and give you some well-deserved peace of mind.

Contact the expert team at Safeguard Industries today to find out how to complement your home security with a range of roller shutters, pet doors and fly screens!

Security & Peace of Mind

Roller Shutters

Not only do we supply a great range of roller shutters to suit your home or businesses, you have the added bonus of roller shutter repairs available to you!

In Perth, roller shutters have great benefits for your home security:

  • Increased Security & Privacy – Insulated interlocking slats and deep side channels to resist forced entry by intruders.
  • Weather Protection – Protects against harmful UV rays, wind, rain and allows you to control how much light comes in.
  • Insulated Slats – Decreases heat and cold transference by up to 90%
  • Noise Reduction – The shutters reduce noise levels from outdoors, which is perfect for inner city apartments and homes near heavy traffic.

Pet Doors

Gone are the days where you need to leave the door open for your four-legged fur babies to use their outdoor bathroom! With stylish pet doors from Safeguard Industries, you can be sure that your pet still has access in and out of your home, but intruders don’t stand a chance

Fly Screens

In summer, the buzz of irritating flying insects that have made their way into your home can be cringe worthy! By installing fly screens on your windows and doors, you can enjoy the Fremantle Doctor without worrying about the flying and crawling critters that usually follow.

There’s only one thing left to do – call the team at Safeguard Industries today to find out how to enhance your home security through our range of accessories.