One Way Vision SECURITY Doors

dva one way vision security door

One Way Vision Hinged Doors

Keeping your family safe with high end one way security doors shouldn’t mean spoiling the vista from inside your house. You have worked hard to own your own home and you’re making a smart call getting hinged security doors from SafeGuard Industries.

Whether you’re looking to enhance security, privacy, or aesthetics, one-way vision doors offer a practical solution for various needs, our one-way vision security doors mean uncompromising safety, with uncompromising views. This combination of privacy and security makes them an excellent choice for front doors or other entry points.


  • All our doors have been tested and passed AS5039-2008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of a hinged security door?

There are many advantages of a hinged security door when it comes to their suitability for a home. From their classic look and comfortable usage to their ability to be used for all standard doorways, there is a huge array of advantages. Another advantage of the hinged security door is its flexibility in terms of design and size, allowing it to be adjusted to suit any home. If you’re looking for a hinged security door that is easy to use, stylish and space-saving for your home, get in touch with our knowledgeable team at SafeGuard Industries, we’ll be able to help.

How do one way vision doors work?

One way vision security doors allow you to get the best of both worlds by keeping you and your family safe while not sacrificing the beautiful view outside. They are designed using a specialised material, providing a one-way vision that obscures the view from outside, allowing fresh air in and preventing any unwanted guests from looking in. The specialised materials used are typically very strong, resisting tampering and forced entry. Overall this makes one-way vision doors a great choice for those looking to enhance their home’s security without compromising on aesthetics.

Are hinged security doors secure?

Absolutely! Hinged security doors are secure as they are designed to be secure from forced entry and hard to tamper with. In particular, at SafeGuard Industries, our hinged security doors use Secura-Screen stainless steel mesh, which has a unique patented pressed mesh locking system that allows for extra protection, ensuring safety. If you’re looking to install a hinged security door in Perth, we can help. Reach out to us today for a free quote and more information on how we can secure your home.

charcoal coloured security door


Our hinged security doors can either be single or double doors, allowing you to choose the perfect size and style for your home. While both doors share the same features, they also have their respective benefits.

Single Hinged Security Doors

Single hinged security doors are the most common type of security door, ideal for standard entryways. They are fitted to one side of the door frame and typically swing outward. This design maximises ease of use and installation. Constructed from durable materials like steel, these doors often feature a variety of locking mechanisms, from deadbolts to advanced electronic systems, providing a high level of security. The frames are usually reinforced, and the doors can be equipped with tamper-resistant features such as welded-on hinges and non-removable pins.

Double Hinged Security Doors

Double hinged security doors consist of two doors that meet in the middle, often used in wider entryways or as decorative enhancements to a home or business façade. These doors provide the same level of security as single hinged doors but offer the additional benefit of a larger opening. This feature is particularly useful for moving large items in and out of a building or simply providing a grand entrance.

When choosing between single and double hinged security doors, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your property such as the size of the entryway, desired style, and the level of security required. Both options provide secure protection and can be customised to meet diverse preferences and requirements.



Pneumatic closer
Solid aluminium corner bracing
Tough 3.0mm aluminium mesh louvred to provide one-way vision
Brush seal to base (bug strip)
Heavy duty aluminium framing
Three fixed pin security hinges
Austral three-point locking system
Extensive colour range to match any home


    Our sliding security doors are a fantastic choice for modern homeowners and businesses looking to combine functionality with sleek aesthetics. Typically used for patio or balcony access, these doors operate on tracks and slide horizontally, making them a space-efficient option that doesn’t swing outwards or inwards, which helps preserve valuable floor space. Constructed from durable materials such as steel, sliding security doors are designed to withstand forced entry attempts while maintaining a visually appealing look. Additionally, their design allows for seamless integration with existing architectural styles, providing a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Customisable in various finishes and styles, sliding security doors offer both protection and contemporary, making them a popular choice for contemporary property layouts.


    • Ball bearing rollers on top and bottom of door
    • Tough 3.0mm aluminium mesh louvered to provide one-way vision
    • Aluminium framing
    • Austral three-point locking system
    • Solid aluminium corner bracing
    • Heavy duty interlock to mullion and door
    • Extensive colour range

    When security and privacy are your top priorities, call SafeGuard Industries for a no-obligation quote on tough, stylish one-way vision doors.