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Roller Shutters Perth

Secure your home, shop front, café or office with premium quality roller shutters from SafeGuard Industries, Perth’s roller shutter experts. SafeGuard Industries manufacture, supply and install the best roller shutters Perth has to offer.

We manufacture and install custom made outdoor shutters for homes and businesses throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Our shutters are proudly made here in WA and professionally installed by fully trained and police licensed installers, for the highest standards every time.

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Are roller shutters secure?

Unsecured windows can be a weak spot targeted by intruders. SafeGuard Industries supply roller shutters Perth homes and

businesses can trust to keep them safe day and night, in all weather conditions.

Roller shutters provide a tough security layer for windows, doors, alfresco areas and more. Not only are they an effective visual deterrent, roller shutters offer peace of mind when you’re not around.

Using our intelligent remote control system, they can be rolled down in a matter of seconds to guard against physical danger or inclement weather, or just for some peace and quiet.

Security & privacy solutions

SafeGuard Industries keeps Perth homes safe and secure with top quality shutters made right here in WA. Our Shutters feature strong interlocking slats and deep side channels to resist forced entry by intruders. The slimline slats also block out all kinds of pests, from mosquitoes to nosy neighbours. Your home is your castle, so why not treat it like one with the proper privacy and security?

Did you know: SafeGuard Industries also offer security doors and high-quality mesh for added security.

Why roller shutters?

Perth roller shutters offer ultimate protection against all the elements, not just criminal. They can be used to shut out bad weather, limit UV exposure, warm or cool your house, and provide privacy at the touch of a button.

Weather protection solutions

SafeGuard Industries shutters can protect your home in all kinds of ways. They can be closed at any position to reduce glare and harmful UV rays from entering your home, while the perforated holes in the slats give you control over the amount of light you want to enter through the window. This is also handy for those with evaporative air conditioning, as you can control ventilation using the same function. Plus, when storms strike you know that you and your windows are completely protected.

Do roller shutters save energy?

Energy prices are on the rise in Perth so it’s no surprise this is one of the most common questions we get during Perth roller shutter enquiries.

Roller shutters from SafeGuard Industries are fully insulated and made from tough weatherproof aluminium to reduce energy bills in your home or business. During summer you can use your roller shutters against Perth’s scorching sun, repelling UV rays to cut air conditioning use. In winter the insulated shutters keep out cold air, meaning less energy – and therefore less money – spent on heating.

Insulation & Noise Reduction Solutions

Our shutters are insulated using high-density polyurethane. This reduces heat and cold transference by up to 90% meaning you don’t need heavy drapes or double-glazing. Seeing as heating and cooling make up around 40% of energy use in WA homes, roller shutters give Perth a break from soaring energy costs.

These insulative properties also reduce noise levels, making them the ideal roller shutters for Perth homes situated on busy roads, bustling inner-city apartments, or businesses with frontage to traffic. Whether you want to block out noisy neighbours or dull traffic to a background blur at night, roller shutters offer an ideal solution.

Superior quality and control

SafeGuard Industries treat every Perth roller shutter installation as unique. During pre-installation we measure and check every small detail to ensure your new shutters will be millimetre perfect, and we also offer a range of control options to suit your requirements.

Many homeowners and businesses are attracted to the idea of roller shutters initially because of the outstanding security they provide. Once our clients realise how unobtrusive modern roller shutters look on any façade and how easy they are to operate, they can’t wait to have their new shutters installed.

Total control solutions

During pre-installation, speak to the SafeGuard Industries team to understand the range of control options available for your new Perth roller shutters. Whether you want to control the entire system through a central unit or have the flexibility to raise and lower each shutter individually, we can tailor a solution to suit.

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