Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

Stainless Steel Fly Screen Mesh

Safeguard Industries are your local providers of security windows and stainless steel screens in Perth. We offer only the highest quality stainless steel mesh screens, so you can relax knowing these windows are letting in the refreshing breeze, but keeping all other undesirables out. With innovative designs that offer the latest in home security, our mesh screens add a level of safety to your home. Custom made in Western Australia using an innovative design, Secura-Screens can be counted on to provide protection and value for you and your family.

Secura-Screens : Best Stainless Steel Mash Screens

Secura-Screens do more than just allow you to keep the windows open when you aren’t around. With impressive design and low profile appearance, they offer style for your home as well as function. All our windows are custom designed to suit your home or business. Our experts can help you in selecting the best design for your space. The quality mesh used in these windows allows excellent outward visibility, so your views are not compromised, and the breeze can pass through to keep your home cool and inviting.

Secura-Screens offer an unparalleled level of security. The unique construction technique means they are highly resistant to extreme forces and impacts, keeping you safe from accidents and intruders. The process involves the high-grade stainless steel meshing being pressed into the window frame at great pressure. This creates a strong resilient piece of engineering, offering high strength without the grilles that feature on traditional screens.

Secura-Screens are crafted using quality materials and an innovative design process that creates a screen that is as close to seamless as possible. This results in one the most durable screens available, built to last for years in all weather situations. From year-round sun exposure to wind-facing wet conditions, these stainless steel screens are resistant to corrosion and are built to last.

Stainless Steel Mash Screen Features Include

1.0mm, 304 structural grade stainless steel woven mesh (powder coated black)
Heavy duty aluminium framing
Solid aluminium corner bracing
10 year conditional warranty
Austral three point lock
Extensive colour range

the Safeguard Difference

SafeGuard Industries specialises in stainless steel screen doors and security windows in Perth. Only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of Secura-Screens, creating a superior security window. The innovative design ensures these screens are as secure as they are durable. Our experts can help you select the windows that best suit your home, and can tailor a design to suit your needs selecting from a range of colours and options. Our screens are custom made here in Western Australia, and our installers are fully trained and police certified, so you can rest assured you are getting only the highest quality product, from manufacture to installation. We are proud of the work we offer, and fully guarantee our craftsmanship. Call Safeguard Industries today to organise a quote for stainless steel security screens for your home or business.

To arrange a free measure and quote, email or phone (08) 9418 3880.