When it comes to home and business security, can you really afford to take any chances?

Our stainless steel mesh security doors are some of the strongest and safest in Perth. With security features like:

  • Patented pressed mesh locking system
  • 3-point locking system
  • Reinforced hinges and corners
  • Brush seal bug strip

there’s no way anything is getting through – except fresh air and uninterrupted views.

Stainless steel mesh security doors are available in hinged or sliding arrangements, in a wide range of colours and customised to suit your home or business.

What are the benefits of stainless steel mesh security doors?

Protection and privacy

Our stainless steel security doors are made using a 1mm stainless steel mesh, powder coated black for a sleek and stylish look without compromising on your view. Thicker than the competition (most use 0.8mm or 0.9mm mesh) and woven with structural grade 304 corrosion-resistant material for strength and flexibility on impact, our screen is formidable against intruders.

Stainless steel mesh has several security advantages:

  • Allow fresh air to flow without compromising security
  • Clearly identify visitors
  • Light enough for anyone to operate
  • Sleek, contemporary look

Multiple security layers

We clad the industry-leading mesh in heavy duty aluminium framing and use a 3-pin fixed security hinge. Translation: this door isn’t going anywhere, but it’s not heavy to use. Add an Austral 3-point locking system into the mix and you’ve got a strong, easy to operate, secure door.

The difference really is in the detail with SafeGuard doors. Our sliding doors feature heavy duty interlocks between mullions and doors, and hinged doors are secured with three fixed pins for stability. We design specifically to ensure there are no weak spots where an eager intruder can gain entry, for peace of mind and ultimate protection.

Add value to your premises

SafeGuard Industries’ range of Perth security doors provide value for money, with all the benefits you would expect from an experienced and service-oriented local company. When a security door looks great, drastically improves security standards, and is guaranteed to function smoothly for years, it adds tangible resale value for homeowners and businesses.

Plus every security door we install comes with a 10-year conditional warranty as standard. Our installers are highly trained and police licenced, and all our work is guaranteed.

Versatile and custom made

Whether you choose a sliding or hinged configuration, all our doors are completely custom made in our WA manufacturing facility. You choose the frame colour to match your property, and we’ll take care of the rest. The result is a millimetre-perfect security door that looks great and offers unbeatable security for your home or business.

Get the best security doors in Perth from SafeGuard Industries

Here at Safeguard Industries we know our clients value privacy, security and comfort – and so do we. As a local company with more than 20 years of experience specialising in Perth’s best security doors, our team is trusted by homeowners and businesses all over Perth.

Contact us to get all the benefits of stainless steel mesh in a custom made security door.