With a plethora of privacy screens, safety doors and front door security solutions available, criminals are becoming smarter and are preying on homes with the weakest security features. While simple alternatives like fly screens may look protective, they actually do very little to deter or prevent access to your home. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to choose a robust, tested and proven security door to protect your home.

At SafeGuard Industries, our professionals provide expert advice and services on a full range of stainless steel mesh, grille doors, plus other mesh options available for your front security doors in Perth. Enjoy views, sunshine, breezes and aesthetics without compromising on your safety with a reliable security door.

Our Wide Range of Privacy Screen and Front Security Door Options

If you’re looking for options to secure your home’s doors, we have a wide range of options.

Stainless Steel Mesh Doors

Utilising Secura-Screen stainless steel mesh, we supply and install a range of sturdy and reliable hinged or sliding doors. Boasting a unique patented pressed mesh-locking system, our stainless steel mesh doors are highly resistant to extreme forces and impact.

One-Way Vision Doors

Offering the ultimate in privacy and security, our range of DVA Ultra Mesh hinged doors provide restricted one-way vision to obscure views from the outside. Leave your main door open for airflow and light without worrying about unwanted guests looking in.

AliGuard Security Doors

AliGuard security doors provide a combination of durability and security, made from a non-corrosive 2mm thick perforated aluminium sheet. Built to withstand years of harsh WA weather conditions, AliGuard aluminium is toughened with a resilient powder coating. Allow light and air to flow through your home with confidence.

Grille doors

Made custom to suit your doorframe, our grille doors come in a wide range of colours to suit properties of all styles. Ideal for adding a layer of security to fly screens, grille doors deter threats without compromising on aesthetics.

Decorative Security Doors

Available in hinged and sliding door options with matching side lite panels available, our decorative doors resist entry from intruders while providing added style and decadence to the front of your home.

Invest in Your Safety with SafeGuard Industries

At SafeGuard Industries, we know that building a home or business takes years of hard work and sacrifice. That’s why we provide sturdy, reliable and proven security solutions to help you protect your belongings and investments.

Specialising in custom made security doors, we craft a wide range of strong and effective security solutions to deter intruders and threats. With free quotes and expert advice available from our experienced team, we help you make the right decisions when it comes to protecting your property.

Expert Security Door Supplier and Installer in Perth

Chat with the team at SafeGuard Industries for tailored advice on affordable, effective and long-lasting security solutions. Based in Perth, we specialise in keeping homes and businesses safe by deterring threats and securing access areas.

Don’t compromise on the safety and security of your property. Get a free quote for your custom security door solutions. Contact us today on (08) 9418 3880.