Worrying about the safety of your family, pets and belongings while you are out at work, asleep or on holiday can be absolutely nerve-racking. While the locks on our doors may be religiously checked, we may often find ourselves neglecting to check the windows in our homes are securely shut.

Having extra security on your home’s windows can give you the extra peace of mind you deserve, as window security screens and roller shutters not only act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, it can also prevent them from gaining access to your home entirely.

Finding the Right Window Security Features For Your Home

Keeping your home safe doesn’t mean turning your home into a prison, with thick steel bars over every window. At SafeGuard Industries, we have a range of window security options to suit your style and security needs.

Stainless Steel Window Mesh Screens

Secura-Screens stainless steel mesh security screens have a subtle yet impressive design that provides a high level of security for your home. These screens are highly resistant to extreme forces and impacts, so an intruder can’t smash their way in.

On top of their resilience to intruders, these window screens are also built to withstand weather conditions, from our hot Perth sun to the wet and squally winds of winter. Find out more information about our stainless steel mesh screens on our website.

Window Grille Screens

The great benefit of these window screens is that they provide an additional level of safety compared to plain fly screens. As with grille security doors, grille window screens are a popular choice among Perth homeowners. High-quality window grille screens from trusted manufacturers offer privacy and protection without compromise. Find out more information about our window grille screens via our contact form, or give us a call.

Window Roller Shutters

Roller shutters do more than just keep intruders out; they provide weather protection, insulation and noise reduction for your home. This extra layer on your home windows is made up of insulated interlocking slats, which deter would-be intruders.

Installing window roller shutters is also a great option if you like to leave your windows open, or if you are a fan of choosing how much light can flood a room, as they allow both airflow through your home and an easy adjustment for how much light you would like to allow in the room. For more information on the benefits of roller shutters for security, head to our website!

What Are the Added Benefits Of Securing Your Windows?

Securing your home with one or more of SafeGuard Industries window screen security options will lead to more than just peace of mind.

Security windows can help to:

  • Make your house less appealing to potential intruders;
  • Improve your visibility of the outdoors with unobstructed views;
  • Allow airflow through your home while keeping insects outside;
  • Reduce noise, protect from the weather and promote energy-saving (roller shutters);
  • Give your windows a facelift

Investing in some security screens for your windows won’t just deter thieves; they come with a host of other benefits as well! SafeGuard Industries install security doors, screens or other accessories to make your home safe. For all your home or business security needs, contact the team with over 20 years of experience in security – SafeGuard Industries.