The entrance and facade of your home is one of the most important features of your property. It is the one feature that you and your visitors see first upon entry. You can set the tone and ambience of the entire house. However, many Perth homeowners have realised that looks is only one consideration, and additional home security is needed to guarantee the safety of its residents. While standard locked doors and closed windows may seem secure, the unfortunate reality is most burglaries and home invasions occur with the perpetrator easily breaking in through the front door. 

The installation of a durable security screen door to your home’s patio area, external doors, or shed, can be the tough deterrent needed for potential thieves. Investing in a quality security door can revolutionise your home’s safety, with functional, safe options available to suit all aesthetic styles and needs.

What are the most common security door mechanisms?

When installing additional security you naturally want to make sure it’s visually pleasing for visitors, as well as completely secure against unwanted invaders. There are two main options for security door styles: hinged security doors and sliding security doors. Both hinged security door and sliding security screen doors mechanisms can be made to be incredibly stylish, with different colours options now available; as well as secure and difficult to tamper with. 

Hinged security doors are a classic choice, available in multiple stylish materials for beauty and security, whereas sliding security doors offer a sleek functionality with various style options to suit any existing style. 

Option 1: Hinged security doors

A popular choice thanks to their classic look and comfortable usage, hinged security doors can be used for all standard doorways, as well as garage and shed door openings. This type of security door offers a wide range of advantages including:

Clean customisation

As they don’t need rails to operate, hinged doors are a flexible choice for those requiring customisation for size and/or style. Adjustments can be made to suit the original door scale and design within your home, with completely secure functionality. 

Time-honoured style

Particularly suitable for houses with a mid-century or Victorian style, the classic look of hinged doors makes them a stylish addition to many homes here in Perth. The thicker frame and sturdy design makes them intimidating to potential intruders, creating an immediate deterrent at each doorway. 

Ease of use and access

For those who prefer classic functionality, a hinged security screen door is the perfect choice. This type of security door also allows for the spaces where the swivel action of the hinge is preferred. The majority of the hinge options are designed to be low-profile and space-saving, making them the go-to choice for tight spaces such as hallways  and entries. With simple swinging operations and reinforcements for optimum security, it’s no wonder hinged doors are still a favourite option for many homeowners. 

Option 2: Sliding security doors

Often chosen for their convenience, a sliding security door is a fantastic choice for modern homeowners and sleek-style commercial properties, and are suitable for all applications including sliding glass doors, patriots, and laundry rooms. 

Modern design

With compact rails that require only a simple installation, sliding security doors come in multiple finishes, colors, and styles, making them a great, clean choice for a contemporary home. Depending on the manufacturer, the security screen doors can also come with decorative grilles that can complement the look of your home. 

Efficient access

Thanks to their smooth, gliding opening style, and ability to open fully whenever needed, sliding doors offer easy accessibility for people of all ages. By sliding alongside itself, it requires no additional space other than the length of the doorway in question, allowing it to be opened from multiple sides with minimal restriction.

Increased airflow

When your sliding security doors are opened fully, the airflow is improved throughout the entire house – particularly inviting in the humid Perth summer! The structure base of the rail makes them completely solid, with no irritating banging doors when wind blows through.

Get help from the experts at SafeGuard Industries

Choosing between these two types of security doors can be tricky. Oftentimes, the most suitable option comes down to the style of your house, the space you have available, and the final look that you want to achieve. Regardless of the type of security doors you choose to use, you will still
benefit from the added security offered by security doors.

For trusted advice on the best security screen door style for your home or business, speak to the knowledgeable team at SafeGuard Industries. Get in touch today for any queries on our premium sliding and hinged security door options.