At-home security is something we all have to consider. If you have flyscreen doors on your home, you might be thinking of upgrading them to a security screen. If you have just built or purchased your home, you could be weighing up which of these systems would work best for your property and security needs. 

We’re going to run through the reasons you might choose fly screen doors or security screens in Perth and why security screens might be worth the extra investment.

Why Are Flyscreen Doors Popular in Perth?

One reason flyscreens are popular in Perth is that they are ideal for the humid climate and all the unwanted insects that come with it. When the temperatures hit a boiling point, pests and insects can get into your home, bringing with them a trail of health issues. 

Mosquitoes are a danger to you and your pets, with the potential to cause an allergic reaction or bite. Once they get into your home, it can be impossible to find them once they start to play hide and seek. Leaving your windows and doors open isn’t an option, so you need to have at least a flyscreen door.

While flyscreens can offer you a layer of protection from insects, they are more fragile and difficult to clean. Every time you clean it, you have the potential to stretch the gauze material and weaken the flyscreens. 

Flyscreen doors are best for smaller windows, as a temporary solution that you intend to replace within a few years. While flyscreen doors will keep you protected from Perth’s pests and insects, the same can’t be said about potential burglars.

Why Are Security Screens an Ideal Upgrade in Perth?

Another way of keeping pests and insects under control is to choose a security screen system, another ideal choice if you live in Perth. Security screens will let fresh air enter your home without bringing with it unwanted pests. 

They are easier to clean than flyscreen doors, and you can have them looking brand new in no time. These screens are also more durable and can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of your family going around your home. 

Security screens in Perth can protect your family from pests and other unwanted guests like burglars. A thief won’t be deterred by a flyscreen, which they can easily remove with a pocket knife to cut through the mesh. Security screens are more durable and will withstand a burglary attempt.

Although security screens will set you back a little more than flyscreens in Perth, the extra investment gives you pest control and security system in one. Having security screens in your home can lower your insurance premiums – especially if you also install an alarm system – and can add value to your home if you’re planning to sell it in the future. 

When you have chosen the security screen for your home, you can add additional fittings to meet your needs. During the summer months, these security screens will keep your home ventilated without having to worry about burglars.  

Both flyscreen doors and security screens have their benefits if you live in Perth; security screens are easier to look after and more durable, giving you a better return on your investment.

Find a trusted security screen installer in Perth

If you’re thinking about having security screens installed in your home, it is important that you find a reputable installer in Perth. Safeguard offers high quality security screens and roller shutters in Perth. Get expert advice from our friendly team about security screen designs and the various functionalities available. We’ll guide you through our full product range to help you find the best solution for your property.