Property owners and renters are wising up. Keeping your home or business safe and protected doesn’t just magically happen, it takes research and investment into robust security measures that can keep intruders out.

Choosing durable door and window security screens is one of the most reliable ways to shield a property from harm. With extensive experience creating and installing security screens to meet a range of needs, SafeGuard Industries understand the imporantce of expert enginerring to withstand force and keep properties protected 24/7.

Learn all about the power and benefits of security screens, and how to choose the best custom design for your needs.

What are the benefits and uses of window security screens

Both commercial and residential properties will gain plenty of advantages from installing superior security screens in Perth. Rather than focus solely on doors, ensure other potential entryways like windows are equally as protected. Key benefits of window security screens include:

  • Physical deterrent – often potential thieves are put off from breaking in simply by seeing a physical barrier in their way.
  • Protection – quality security screens are designed to withstand great force and keep intruders out
  • Cool air – having a breeze flow through the house feels amazing in summer months, keeping the space fresh without comprising safety (or letting bugs inside!)
  • Reduced energy bills – a cool breeze can remove the need for air conditioning, keeping energy costs low
  • Child safety – open windows are a danger to young children, but secure screens prevent the risk of falling while still allowing fresh air inside

Selecting the right security screen product

With a broad range of door and window security screens to choose from, SafeGuard Industries supplies the highest quality security products in Perth in a selection of colours, designs, styles, and materials to suit any need. 

Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

Particularly suited for windows, Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screens provide high levels of safety with a fully impact-resistant design and a special patented keyway system. The durable security mesh allows for light and fresh air without risking the safety of the property’s inhabitants. 

Grille Screens

Anyone prioritising protection and privacy will appreciate the quality grille screens from SafeGuard, with each custom-made design for windows and doors manufactured in Perth from durable aluminium and PVC fly screen mesh.

Fire Egress Screens

Invest in an ultra-safe Fire Egress Screen for peace of mind should an emergency occur, with a high-functioning design and an easy outward opening, enabling a quick exit should anything happen. Commercial and essential properties alike can benefit from investing in high-quality fire escape screens.

Invest in durable security screens from a reputable supplier

Superior security products take years of industry experience and niche knowledge about the most reliable materials and high-functioning designs. Failing to invest in quality security screens for windows and doors is not only a waste of money but a risk to the safety of all inhabitants within your commercial or residential property. 

SafeGuard Industries utilise over 25 years of expertise to provide each valued customer with the best security product for their needs and effectively enhance their property’s security. As a longstanding family-owned and operated WA business, each qualified team member is committed to offering specialist advice, superior product manufacturing, and reliable installation services across the board.

Get superior security screens in Perth

Give yourself peace of mind with premium security screens, custom-made by the specialists at SafeGuard Industries for your windows and doors. Investing in superior security products not only ensures long-lasting results but deters potential intruders and adds property value thanks to quality materials and tried-and-tested safety designs. 

Whether you’re longing for a cool breeze, looking to protect your children and other residents, or want to keep your belongings safe during a time of increased property crime, you can rely on the custom manufacturing and robust security mesh from SafeGuard.

Browse the range of top-quality security screens online now, or get in touch today for a free quote or with any queries.