Insects and bugs are simply a part of life in Australia, making fly screen doors a staple in many homes. Whether you’re adding a new screen or looking to upgrade an existing entry, you’ve likely considered an aluminium fly screen.

Many people assume fly screens provide peace from irritating mosquitoes and flies as well as security against potential intruders. However, there are key differences between protective security doors and a traditional fly screen security door installation. 

The following guide outlines the benefits and features of both fly screen doors and contemporary security door alternatives, helping you choose the most secure entryway for your property. 

Why are aluminium fly screens so widely used?

With a humid climate and plentiful bush food environment – ideal for growth – insects and flies have become a daily nuisance for many homeowners. Fly screen doors grew in popularity with homes and businesses from the 1970s, keeping out bugs from annoying flies to potentially harmful wasps and bees.

Especially necessary for properties located near water, the risk of diseases borne by mosquitoes made standard fly screens a must for those looking to protect residents from dengue or ross river viruses.

Typical fly screens are made from fibreglass or polyester mesh and aluminium, and while they offer effective prevention against flying insects getting indoors this simple design has proven insufficient against more serious security threats. 

What are the benefits of fly screen doors?

There’s no doubt a standard aluminium fly screen does a great job at keeping bugs and insects out of your home. The affordability of common fly screens boosted their popularity, as the widespread availability of cheaper materials made them easier to manufacture and purchase.

While this accessibility is a huge benefit – particularly once the hot summer weather arrives – fly screens cannot compete with robust security screen doors when it comes to all-around protection. 

What are the pitfalls of fly screens?

It can be tempting to buy an inexpensive fly screen, the constant sun and wind exposure causes damage and deterioration over time. No matter how many times you acquire door fly screen repair it’s highly likely another tear, hole, or visible colour change will occur again soon.

Quality security doors are a durable alternative to fly screens, offering protection from bugs and intruders thanks to their robust design and premium materials. Investing in security door installation with a warranty from the experts at Safeguard Industries means incorporating a long-lasting physical and mechanical deterrent to intruders who can easily break through a standard fly screen.

Robust security with stainless steel mesh doors

Reliable security doors will not bend, budge, or break when attacked by thieves or vandals, making stainless steel doors a safe choice when compared to classic fly screens. 

Offering much more protection than simply keeping bugs out of the house, quality security doors made from tough materials adhere to Australian security requirements to ensure dependable protection from intruders.

Whether you opt for weather-resistant AliGuard Security Doors, maximum strength Stainless Steel Mesh Door, or aesthetically pleasing Decorative Safety Screen Doors, there is a security door installation option available from Safeguard Industries to suit your home and protection needs. 

Upgrade your security doors with Safeguard Industries

Over 20 years of niche experience has provided Safeguard Industries with the ability to provide safe, stylish, and bug-free security screen door products. Whether you require new security door installation or existing door fly screen repair, an experienced team is on hand to look after your residential or commercial security needs.

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