When you think of innovative and cost-effective home security measures, you may not immediately picture roller shutters. But there is a reason homes and businesses across Perth use roller shutters for security: they are a modern and cost-effective solution to several safety concerns.

Not only are they strong and secure, but roller shutters are also easy to use, aesthetically attractive and customised to suit your home. Let’s look closer at why roller shutters in Perth are a favourite security measure.

Roller Shutters Help Deter Home Invaders

Physical barrier

Our Perth roller shutters are made using a powder-coated aluminium shell with interlocking segments that form a physical barrier from would be intruders. They can only be opened one way (by you) and when in the closed position provide an effective barrier by way of reducing the ability of thieves to gain entry through that part of your property. Good luck to any would-be thieves trying to break in!

Visual deterrent

As well as being an effective physical barrier, roller shutters provide a visual deterrent. Try to put yourself in a thief’s shoes for a minute: if you see roller shutters protecting a home, you are likely to pass by in search of an easier target. Shutters are a sign that the homeowners know how to protect what’s inside.

Roller Shutters Help Prevent UV Damage

If there’s one thing roller shutters in Perth do better than any other window covering, it’s to protect from harmful UV rays. By blocking the sun’s harshest light, your furniture stays looking new for longer and you don’t have to worry about faded patches on the carpet. Perforated slats give you complete control over the amount of light filtering through the window.

And it’s not just sun damage: Perth’s winters are increasingly wild, with hail and lashing rain causing property damage across the metro area. Roller shutters keep all the elements out, with precision control to raise and lower the shutters instantly.

Roller Shutters Give You Peace of Mind When You Leave

Roller shutters are ideal for Perth families, businesses and investors who are often away from the premises. With one touch of a button, you get complete protection and peace of mind that nobody can break in while you’re gone.

  • Lock up your home for the holidays
  • Close off empty areas of the house
  • Secure cafés and shops overnight
  • Protect investment properties
  • Affordable year-round security system

Roller Shutters are Specifically Designed to Reinforce Weak Points

Windows and unlocked doors are the biggest weak points in both home and business security. However, not every Perth roller shutter installer goes the extra mile with made-to-measure shutters fitted to your windows.

Our shutters are millimetre-perfect and installed by licenced tradespeople, for guaranteed quality every time.

Perth’s preferred roller shutters

Before you shell out on expensive surveillance technology, take another look at Perth’s roller shutter innovator, SafeGuard Industries. Our shutters are designed to combine outstanding perimeter security with contemporary home design, for great-looking security you can rely on.

Contact us for a custom quote or read more about how our roller shutters keep Perth families protected and in control.