Having a reliable security system on your property is essential for keeping harmful intruders out. While security cameras can be an advantageous security addition by recording criminal activity, they cannot keep your home or business safe by themselves. 

In order to provide a robust defence against want-to-be thieves and vandals, CCTV is best used along with physical deterrents like roller shutters and security doors in Perth. Security cameras cannot prevent entry, and can even be disabled with weapons, but advanced security products effectively slow down intruders.

Learn more about the benefits of security doors and shutters from the experts at Safeguard Industries, and the suitability of CCTV cameras. 

What is a CCTV system?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, which is a private TV system made up of one or more cameras for surveillance, security, and law enforcement uses. Also known as video surveillance, it can be an effective means of monitoring your property via secure private transmissions. 

While security cameras are a reliable means of personal surveillance, with little chance of hackers accessing your closed network, one of the main disadvantages of CCTV is a vulnerability to physical damage. Intruders can easily pass by a broken camera, unlike robust roller shutters in Perth expertly designed to withstand in-person attacks.

Advantages and disadvantages of CCTV

Adding security features to your home or business is alway going to be a beneficial improvement, raising property values while preventing theft or vandalism. While CCTV has many advantages – such as peace of mind from remote monitoring – it’s best used in tandem with physical obstructions like security doors and roller shutters in Perth.

What are the main disadvantages of CCTV?

Security cameras offer key advantages for the recording and prosecution of a crime, but alone they cannot fully protect your property without alarms or security doors.

  • CCTV can be vulnerable to physical attacks
  • As an electrical system, they can fall prey to water or impact damage
  • They cannot stop someone from entering your property
  • Extensive CCTV installation can be costly, as can technological upgrades required over time
  • Privacy can be an issue for employees or neighbours being monitored

The added benefits of security doors

One of the most reliable protective features you can add to your home are security doors in Perth. Security products for your home or business should both deter intruders, as well as physically prevent them from entry should the attempted invasion continue. 

Security doors and screens are designed to do exactly that, adding a robust defence layer directly outside each entryway. Blocking property access points is an effective way to stop thieves who want a fast and easy entry, and slow down unwanted visitors.

Expertly engineered to withstand physical attacks, tough security doors and discreet security screens offer increased protection to stop criminals in their tracks, thanks to durable materials and sturdy locks.

The added benefits of roller shutters

Commonly used in the past to protect businesses, roller shutters in Perth have increased hugely in popularity for both contemporary and traditional homes. Modern shutter designs with cohesive aesthetic appeal are made to actively protect your home from harmful intrusions, covering windows with a robust layer of defence.

Custom roller shutters fit seamlessly into your windows, providing tough impact resistance that makes break-ins a daunting prospect for aspiring thieves. 

Tough security from Safeguard Industries

With an extensive range of premium security products to protect any home or business, safeguard industries are leading providers of robust roller shutters and security doors in Perth.

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