The hot WA weather can make it tempting to leave your doors open, letting a cool breeze flow through the home. Unfortunately, the truth is that having an open entryway is not just risky, but potentially dangerous.

Similar to leaving a spare key outside, our trusting natures can actually be an open invitation to burglars and vandals. The reality is home invasions don’t all happen in the middle of the night; unwanted intruders could stroll into your property at any time, whether you’re home or not.

However, there’s no need for safety features to replace your comfort. Read on to discover practical tips from safety experts and how security doors can provide the protection you need, as well as that cool breeze!

Front door left unlocked

Having fresh air flow through your house on a warm day feels amazing, making it tempting to leave your front door unlocked and open. There’s no need to sacrifice your happiness for safety, as quality security screen doors allow you to enjoy a breeze as well as a beautiful view, all while keeping unwanted visitors out.

From tough stainless steel to durable aluminium designs, SafeGuard offers a range of premium security doors to suit any style of home.

Open second-story windows

We’re all guilty of forgetting to shut the upstairs windows when we pop to the shops, and oftentimes people leave them open deliberately to let in fresh air (and get rid of bad smells!). This may seem innocent enough, but practised burglars are capable of accessing your home through any open entryway.

Rather than be complacent, consider installing protective mesh security screens at your window; a simple addition that allows cool air in while keeping thieves out.

‘Hidden’ spare keys

Most people are guilty of leaving a spare key (or two) hidden outside their home. While it may seem sneaky to you, underneath the pot plant beside the front door is not the best hiding space when an experienced burglar is on the prowl.

As well as giving your spare keys to a trusted neighbour or friend, adding an additional barrier to your home in the form of a mesh security door can be the answer you need. Without keys to enter either door, a potential thief is likely to move on to an easier target.

Away from home

There used to be a time when everyone had a close neighbour who would watch over their property when the family was away on holiday. This has changed over time, with smartphones and internet access distracting us with a false sense of security.

Creating a solid relationship with your neighbours is a fantastic way to protect your home, with both parties looking out for any suspicious behaviour at their respective properties. Anytime you’re away, you can have added peace of mind with both neighbouring homes and tough SafeGuard security products looking after your property.

Value of quality security doors

The threat of home invaders can be enough to install durable security screen doors, keeping your family safe along with daily peace of mind. However, there are other reasons apart from potential burglaries to instigate the addition of security features to a property.

Worst case scenarios like a fire or urgent emergency at home require a fast escape route, making fire egress screens a valuable safety feature, as they push outward quickly when an efficient escape is needed.

Tough security screen doors from SafeGuard

SafeGuard Industries have over 20 years of security experience providing premium products from mesh screens to security doors. Contact us today to discuss your home and business security needs.