The benefits of stainless steel security doors

Securing your home is a necessity, with even the safest neighbourhoods vulnerable to break-ins, robberies, and worse. Having a reliable deterrent at your front and back doors to warn off intruders ensures the safety of all residents, offering you and your loved ones peace of mind when you’re home or elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking to add protection to your property, or need to upgrade existing safety measures, quality stainless steel security doors are an uncompromising shield against potential threats and unwanted invaders. With so many styles and colours to choose from there is an attractive, sturdy option to suit your needs.

When to consider a security door upgrade

Your entryways are the first line of defence against intruders, deterring break-ins with an impenetrable frame. If you currently live with standard wooden doors it’s worth bearing in mind that experienced intruders are capable of knocking it open with a heavy kick. Consider investing in a secure stainless steel mesh door, which also offers a protected way to let cool breezes flow through the space.

Should you already have a security door, check for signs of damage or disrepair that can weaken its defences. Older models can become susceptible to attacks, and strong locks or hinges can’t protect a weakened door. Upgrading to a top-of-the-line steel door ensures continued safety for all residents for years to come. 

What are the benefits of stainless steel security doors

Steel doors have become an increasingly sought after option for residential properties, thanks to their immense strength, resilience against weathering and physical attacks, and aversion to rust. 

When you think of steel doors you may picture industrial style openings or gates, but the latest designs incorporate aesthetically pleasing values with rigid structural integrity, making them a welcome addition to the look and feel of any home. 

High quality Perth security doors created using stainless steel are tough by design, with strong frames and solid hinges making them highly resistant to brute force.

Premium materials 

Just like the rest of your building’s design elements, a security door is only as strong and long-lasting as the materials it was built with. Stainless steel is the ideal choice for durable doors, as they won’t crack or warp thanks to their weather-resistance and lack of deterioration from moisture. 

Doors that begin to bend over time create gaps around the frame, creating potential leverage spots for intruders to take advantage of. Given that high temperatures and strong winds are common here in WA, it’s a smart choice to work with durable steel from proven providers of premium security doors in Perth.

Flawless engineering

When quality materials are formed with expert engineering, the results are incredibly tough. As long standing leaders in durable security doors, SafeGuard Industries knows a thing about reliable design, which is why we work with the renowned screens from Secura-Screens. Their original high-pressure construction approach blows typical flimsy screens out of the water, creating maximum protection from enduring materials and design.

Choosing a quality supplier, and installer

Deciding to improve your home’s security with a stainless steel door is a smart investment to make, as long as you work with qualified providers and experienced installers. Ensure your chosen stainless steel mesh door adheres to strict Australian safety standards, and opt for proven suppliers of reliable security products – SafeGuard Industries.

Trust Safeguard for your security screen door needs

As long-standing providers of exceptional Perth security doors, SafeGuard Industries work only with the highest quality materials and talented suppliers to create long-lasting, reliable products for our fellow WA residents.

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