Like many Perth homeowners, you may be looking to increase the safety and security of your house. Whether you have concerns about trespassers and thieves or want to safely keep cool in summer, opting for expert security door installation is the ideal way to add long-term protection to your home. 

Purpose-built security doors are specially designed to offer a more robust level of defence than standard residential doors. In the past, robust security doors were used largely on commercial properties but private homeowners increasingly recognise the value in specialised protection and security – with premium materials at accessible prices from Safeguard Industries helping make this possible.

The advantages of quality security doors

Apart from the obvious benefits of professional security door installation – preventing break-ins and keeping all inhabitants safe from harm – there are additional advantages to a robust entryway designed to deter burglars.

Firstly, nothing compares to the peace of mind of feeling safe in your home. During the hot Perth summer months, you can leave doors open for that beautiful breeze (saving on air-conditioning!), while feeling secure in the protection offered by alocked mesh security door. 

In addition, the one way security door mesh also provides privacy, while keeping pets and small children safe from harm without feeling like a fortress. With a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, there is a stylish security door available to suit your tastes

What is the process of security door installation?

While it may be tempting to install security doors yourself, one wrong move can render your new doors susceptible to break-ins or damage. With multiple vital steps involved in the installation of security doors in Perth, specialist services from the experts at Safeguard are a great investment for at-home safety in the long run. Steps include:

  1. Measure the width and height of your doorway and clarify if it’s a right or left opening.
  2. Attach the locks and handles to the door.
  3. With additional help mark the hinge locations on the door jamb with the held door in place, leaving a 3mm gap at the top.
  4. Older houses may need a chiselled gap for the hinges to sit flush.
  5. Pre-drill holes for the hinges and attach them in order from top to bottom.
  6. Mark the centre of the striker (additional lock hardware) on the door, and transfer it onto the door jamb.
  7. Drill holes for the latch and the striker, checking if they fit smoothly
  8. Pre-drill screw pilot holes and for the striker plate.
  9. Enjoy your new security door.

Why choose an experienced team to install security doors

Opting for premium quality products with a reputable provider to install security doors is a much safer route than attempting a DIY project. With robust materials and a proven design, well-installed security doors provide impenetrable resistance to intruders. 

Choose from maximum-strength Stainless Steel Mesh Doors, weather-resistant AliGuard Security Doors, or stylish Decorative Safety Screen Doors to suit your tastes and requirements. 

Durable security door installation with Safeguard Industries

Safeguard utilises 20 years of industry experience to provide its valued Perth customers with premium security doors and efficient installation services

Request an installation quote from Safeguard today, or get in touch with any queries about our wide range of security doors in Perth.