Cranking up the air conditioner has become part of daily life for Perth residents, with soaring temperatures leading to stifling houses desperately in need of a cool down!

While no one should be expected to sit and suffer in the heat at home, the reality is soaring energy prices make constant use of air conditioners and fans a burden for most people, as well as the negative impact this high energy use has on our environment.

What if there was a better way to keep your house cool, while reducing your energy bills AND improving the overall safety and security of the property? Quality roller shutters Perth provide all this and more – read on to discover the transformative effect window shutters have on a home.

What are the security benefits of roller shutters?

We all like to feel safe in our own houses, but the unfortunate truth is simply locking your doors and windows is not always enough to keep out those looking to harm or rob you. Whether you live in a high crime neighbourhood or want to closely protect valued items in your home, the installation of roller shutters creates a solid barrier, offering safety and security from potential outside threats.

The incredibly sturdy design of premium roller shutters includes interlocking slats, making it virtually impossible for even the toughest criminal to force their way in.

Another of the undervalued benefits of roller shutters is the impressive privacy they provide, which can in turn further increase the level of security by preventing thieves or peeping toms from looking inside your home.

What are the energy saving benefits of roller shutters?

Keeping you and your loved ones warm in the winter and cool in the summer is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner (and parent!), but having constant heating or air conditioning is as impractical as it is expensive.

Investing in quality roller shutters Perth significantly reduces your reliance on additional heating or cooling systems, by adding a protective layer to your windows that repels cold, heat, and harmful UV rays. 

Standard windows allow an exorbitant amount of air to escape via small openings, wasting plenty of that valuable cool air conditioning you’ve been blasting all day. Roller shutters seal in heat or cold depending on the season, and prevent your heater working overtime to make up for all that escaped air.

This cost effective method benefits your home year round, allowing a consistent temperature to remain within, while keeping harsh temperatures and chilly winds away.

Sleek and subtle design

One common concern of homeowners considering premium roller shutter installation is how they will look on their house. Given shutters were once a bulky staple of commercial business and industrial properties, it’s understandable to be concerned about adding an eyesore to your windows.

Impressive design improvements and availability of a wide range of colours and styles makes aesthetically pleasing roller shutter installation an affordable possibility for any home, adding subtle character while determinedly chipping away at your energy bills!

Find premium roller shutters Perth 

With a knowledgeable team of design specialists, experienced manufacturers, and highly trained installers, Safeguard Industries are proud to be Perth’s market leaders in quality roller shutters.

We all appreciate our state’s beautiful weather, but our ethos is about helping you enjoy the sun without the painful energy bill. Invest in the comfort and safety of your home and add some extra insulation with reliable roller shutters, and relax while the temperature drops but your bank account rises!

Contact the helpful team at Safeguard Industries, and start saving money on your energy bill today.