Thinking of investing in a security door for your home? With so many options and alternatives on the market, comparisons can quickly become overwhelming. Acting as both a physical threat deterrent and added layer of privacy, your security door is an important investment that deserves research, consideration and evaluation.

As experts in security doors in Perth, the SafeGuard Industries team has seen it all. From low quality and impractical options to premium security doors that last for a lifetime, we know what to look for when choosing a good quality security door. Follow our guide below to find a door that ticks all the boxes – and doesn’t break the bank.

Examine the Engineering and Design

A door might look sturdy and protective, but will it actually do its job? Be sure to thoroughly examine the engineering and design of any potential security door contenders. Read through specifications, seek out independent reviews and consider what’s important to you.

If you’re on a busy street with regular foot traffic, you’ll need something that offers maximum protection and privacy from curious people passing by. If you’re in a coastal climate, you’ll need a door that’s particularly resistant to corrosion and sea-side winds.

The engineering and design of your security door needs to align with your specific requirements. Don’t just choose the most popular or most widely advertised – pick something that’s right for you.

Consider the Materials and Construction

Have you noticed a varying level of prices on different security doors? Most of the time, the price reflects the material and construction quality. From steel to aluminium to even wood, security doors can come in a range of materials. Your hard-earned dollars go towards the quality of materials and expertise of construction when it comes to making a purchase.

While a simple mesh panel door may be enough for some homeowners, others will prefer the sturdiness of high end steel.

Check the Locks and Sturdiness

A strong, reliable and well-constructed door is hopeless without quality hardware and locks and components. Locks should be resistant to impact and should stand their ground when put to the test. Hinges should be sturdy and functional and all components should require minimal maintenance to perform at their best. Examine your contenders in person and get expert advice from an experienced security door supplier.

Understand the Costs and Maintenance

Before you commit to purchasing a security door, setting a budget is important. But, it’s also important to understand which costs are worth accounting for.

Good quality security doors – made with premium materials and constructed with expertise – will generally be costlier than their cheaper counterparts. While the initial investment is more, higher quality doors provide you with greater value in the long run. Instead of quick deterioration or poor performance and protection, good quality security doors generally require minimal maintenance, dependent on distance from coastal conditions, and offer strong performance for their long lifetime.

Spend less time and money maintaining or replacing your security doors by investing in a reputable, high-quality door made to last.

Find a Door that Suits Your Home

While practicality and functionality should be your top priority, you also need to find a door that blends in well with your home’s design and aesthetic. From traditional and conservative to modern and contemporary, make an impression with a security door that adds to the kerb appeal of your home. A good quality security door should combine premium construction and engineering with thoughtful design, adding style without compromising on functionality.

SafeGuard Industries’ Extensive Range

With a huge range of premium security doors made to measure, SafeGuard Industries specialises in protecting homes against intruders and threats. Choose from one-way vision doors, stainless steel mesh doors, AliGuard security doors, decorative safety doors and more. Crafted with expertise from high quality materials, our doors keep your home safe and protected day and night.

Find Quality Security Doors in Perth

Enhance the safety and protection of your home. At SafeGuard Industries, we stock a variety of premium security doors for homes and businesses in Perth. Get expert advice on our full range of security doors. Contact us on (08) 9418 3880.