When it comes to protecting your property, don’t leave it up to chance. At SafeGuard Industries, we specialise in manufacturing and installing a wide range of security screens throughout Perth. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, security screen mesh and security screen doors provide a physical deterrent for threats and intruders.

Engineered to withstand force and for maximum reliability, our range of security screens give you peace of mind that your property is protected 24/7. Find out more about our range of custom security screens in Perth.

Why Choose Security Screen Doors and Windows?

For home and business owners, security screen windows and doors add a layer of safety and security to your property. Acting as an additional physical barrier between the inside and outside, you can deter threats from afar.

Ideal for maximising temperatures in summer, security screens help you minimise cooling costs on hot days. Keep doors and windows open in the summer for fresh air and cool breezes without worrying about bugs or pests entering your home. An added bonus, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that kids or pets won’t venture out onto the street by keeping your security screen door locked.

Enjoy views to the outside while maintaining safety and security with our range of security screens and doors.

Our Security Screens

Stainless Security Screen Mesh Screen

We utilise Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screens for windows. Offering high security and safety, the Secura-Scren system utilises its unique patented key way system.  This results in a strong and durable screen that provides impact-resistant protection day and night. You’re able to enjoy fresh air and light without compromising on security.

Grille Screens

Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, Grille Screens provide extra protection to leave your windows and doors open without fear of compromising your security. Strong, durable and able to keep out threats, bugs and pests, you can make the most of cool breezes and views with Grille Screens.

Fire Egress Screens

Secure, unique and functional, Fire Egress Screens are engineered to allow for a fast exit during an emergency. With a quick release design, our screens have a simple locking mechanism that allows them to be pushed outward for an emergency exit. Designed with families in mind, Fire Egress Screens allow you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that emergency exists exist all around should you need them. While still maintaining strength and security from the outside, our screens are multifunctional and practical for all properties.

Security Screen Doors and Windows in Perth

At SafeGuard Industries, our focus is on keeping your property secure and safe. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of security screens in Perth, we’re proud to be the region’s trusted team for high quality products and services. Our range of security screens and doors are engineered to withstand impact and provide ongoing durability and security for years to come.

Deter threats, enhance privacy and add peace of mind to your property with security screen doors and windows. Contact us on (08) 9418 3880 for a quote.