To determine if security roller shutters are the right investment for your home or business you should first clarify whether their advantages work for you. From enhanced security and acting as a burglar deterrent to a cooler home with lower energy bills, there are many reasons to install robust roller shutters in Perth. 

The following article outlines the many benefits of installing roller shutters, and whether electric or manual designs are better for you.

Why are roller shutters in Perth so popular?

Quality electric shutters or manual roller shutters are a common sight across Perth. One of the main reasons for this is undoubtedly safety and protection against intruders, with custom-fitted shutters ideal for deterring thieves looking for a quick and easy burglary.

The hot Perth summers are also responsible for the widespread use of well-made manual and electric roller shutters. Perth has a hot and dry climate with long summer days, which can cause homes to become hot and uncomfortable. With a high-density polyurethane coating insulating your property from heat transference, roller shutters can help create a more comfortable living environment. This removes the need for double glazing, thick curtains, or constant air conditioning to keep out the cold or heat, significantly reducing your energy bills. 

Another reason for the popularity of roller shutters is the noise reduction that it can offer. Shutters are a popular choice for homeowners living in noisy areas or near busy roads as they can significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters their homes. This is because roller shutters are typically made of thick and durable materials such as aluminum, steel, or PVC, which effectively block out outside noise. In areas where construction or other noisy activities are taking place, roller shutters can help to create a quieter and more peaceful living environment, allowing homeowners to relax and sleep without being disturbed by loud noises. This is especially important for those who work from home or have young children or babies who need to sleep during the day.

What  are the advantages of having security roller shutters for your home?


Increasing security for your home is an unfortunate necessity in a time of increased property and theft crimes. Shutters, when used in conjunction with security screen doors, are often difficult to breach, making it more challenging for burglars to break in. Placing a tough barrier between your home’s entryways and potential intruders can stop them before they even attempt to enter, minimising the risk of harm to your home and its residents. 


In high-density areas, where houses are located very close to each other, privacy can become a concern. Roller shutters can be an excellent solution to this problem as they not only prevent prying eyes but also block out light and noise. They create a sense of seclusion, making it easier for homeowners to relax and enjoy their homes without feeling like they are being constantly watched.

Live in comfort and peace at home with the privacy of roller shutters, particularly at night when indoor lights draw attention, letting you feel more relaxed at home knowing people outside are completely blocked from viewing inside of your home.


By controlling the amount of light and air entering your property you can more easily regulate the temperature, blocking out hot or cold air from getting in. This is great in sunny months when blackout blinds can help you sleep.


Lessen your stress with reduced noise at home. Residential security roller shutters block out up to 50% of exterior noise, letting you sleep with ease OR enjoy a late night with friends without bothering your neighbours. 

Save energy

Reducing energy bills is especially prevalent with the recent rise in costs. With heating and cooling taking up to 40% of our energy bills, using insulated roller shutters in Perth to regulate temperature is a great way to save on energy. Roller shutters can help to reduce energy costs by providing insulation and reducing the amount of heat that enters or escapes from a home

Electric vs manual roller shutters

Roller shutters come in two different types – electric and manual, and both offer unique benefits and drawbacks. The following are some of the main differences between the two:


The most obvious difference between manual and electric roller shutters is their operation. Manual shutters require physical effort to open and close, whereas electric shutters are operated remotely using a motorized mechanism. As a result, electric shutters are more convenient to use, especially for individuals with limited mobility.


While manual shutters can be installed by homeowners without any specialized training or equipment, electric shutters require professional installation. This is due to the need for electrical wiring that connects to the home’s electrical system, which can be complicated and require an expert’s help.


Compared to manual shutters, electric shutters require less maintenance since they are less prone to wear and tear. However, manual shutters may require more regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and smoothly.


Electric shutters tend to be more expensive than manual shutters because of the additional motorized mechanism they require, which adds to the cost. However, for some homeowners, the convenience that electric shutters provide may be worth the additional expense.


Both manual and electric roller shutters provide enhanced security to the home. However, electric shutters offer an extra layer of security because they can be programmed to close automatically at specific times or when the homeowner is away.

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