Are you looking to boost the security and safety of your home? Consider installing security screens in Perth. Ideal for both windows and doors, security screens offer an added layer of protection to resist and deter threats. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, you’re able to customise your security screens to suit your space. Enjoy a modern, attractive and functional security solution that helps you feel confident, comfortable and secure in your home.

Featuring a wide range of benefits and perks, here’s why security screens should be on the top of your list for home improvements.


A top concern for every homeowner is the safety, security and protection of their home. With security screens in Perth, you instantly boost your home’s security and reduce your risk of becoming a target for potential home invasions. Security screens are incredibly tough and time-consuming to remove for anyone other than specially trained technicians. Plus, instead of potentially shattering like the glass of your windowpanes, impact is absorbed and distributed across the entire screen while still remaining intact.


Closed doors and windows make it impossible for you to enjoy fresh air and cool breezes in your home. Designed to offer security and protection with minimal impact on the comfort and enjoyment of your home, security screens are engineered to maximise ventilation. Instead of leaving windows and doors wide open – where bugs, pests and intruders might pounce – security screens allow you to allow air to flow through without compromising on protection and security.

Smart Installation and Simple Maintenance

Easy to install and maintain, security screens offer solid, impact-resistant protection for your property. Installed by experienced technicians, your security screens can only be removed with specialised methods. Picking and jabbing at security screens is virtually useless, minimising the chances of your home becoming an easy target for intruders.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s as easy as wiping down your security screens and following your manufacturer’s instructions. Properly maintained security screens offer ongoing value and functionality to protect your property far into the future.

Find Custom Security Screens in Perth

Add instant security and protection to your space with security screens in Perth. Available in a wide range of designs, styles and colours, SafeGuard Industries manufactures and installs security screens with precision. Whether it’s your home or business, don’t take risks when it comes to security.

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