There are many reasons to install a secure doorway at your property. From increasing security at your family home to protecting your business from theft, the rationale may vary but the desired outcomes are the same – a tough, reliable security door.

There are many key attributes that combine to make durable security doors, from the thickness of the screen to the type of mesh used. Read on to learn about the quality options available, and how to choose the right secure entryway for your property.

What are the benefits of premium security screen doors?

Choosing quality security doors above third-rate alternatives is valuable not just for your safety, but your wallet. Opting for a dependable doorway for the front and/or back entrance means incorporating a lasting investment into your property, providing reliable security for decades.

Premium protective doors made from quality materials provide reassurance, acting as a deterrent for thieves and vandals while allowing refreshing ventilation for your open business or home.

Establishing a tough barrier at each entryway presents a complication to unwanted visitors, who will avoid the time and effort it would take to even try and break-in. Stopping criminals before they begin is the best security, outshining classic solid doors with increased protection, added property value, decreased insurance for your well-guarded business, and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Key factors of quality security doors

The physical barrier added by security screen doors of calibre creates a second layer of protection for your home or business. Choosing a reliable security door relies on two main considerations; quality materials and durable design.

A tough design architecture is only possible through a knowledgeable construction process, where mesh screens are installed in a secure manner within the tough framing system. Forgoing manufacturing experience and a proven track record means choosing an unsecured product that is likely to underperform, with lower-quality mesh an added factor in failing security doors.

Choosing a leading provider of quality security doors means safety is guaranteed, with each step of the construction and installation process meeting all Australian Standards, as well as dedicated customer service on hand to immediately tackle any potential issues.

Advantages of working with security screen experts

Over 20 years of experience has provided SafeGuard Industries with the niche industry knowledge necessary to choose only premium products and expert tradesmen. A laser focus on quality means each security door is created from highly durable materials like aluminium and stainless steel, with a patented keyway system adding an extra layer of protection against direct impacts and physical attacks.

Stainless steel doors

Secura Screen stainless steel doors are utilised for complete protection, made from 1.0mm structural grade 304 stainless steel mesh as standard, as well as 0.8mm 316 grade stainless steel mesh options.

Aluminium doors

Installing Ali-Guard aluminium doors means reliable security for your property, thanks to 2mm thick non-corrosive perforated aluminium sheets. The resilient powder coating provides added resistance for WA’s intense climate, making it the ideal choice for many homeowners looking for a tough, secure investment.

Choose quality and security with SafeGuard

SafeGuard Industries are established providers of premium quality security products to our many valued clients. Long-standing experience has enabled us to monitor key advancements in design and materials, resulting in durable security doors and thorough installations.

There’s no need to sacrifice style for functionality at SafeGuard, with an extensive range of materials and finishes available to suit any design taste or style of property.

Contact Safeguard Industries today for a quote on security screen doors and let our experts secure your home or business.