When it comes to choosing security doors in Perth, we’re lucky to be spoilt for choice. You can match your doors to your home or business by picking everything from the style to colour, opening configuration to the locking mechanism.

And if you shop smart, you can get the benefits of a security door made here in Perth:

  • Dealing with a local team
  • Manufactured and installed to Australian Standards
  • Long warranty and installation guarantee
  • Made to measure

But which is the best security door? Let’s look at the advantages of each style so you can make a more informed decision.

Option 1: Stainless Steel Mesh Doors

Our Secura-Screen doors feature a 1.0mm 304-grade structural steel mesh, powder-coated black to look as sleek and tough as they behave.

  • Tough woven mesh
  • Austral 3-point locking system
  • Heavy-duty aluminium framing
  • Brush seal on the base of hinged doors
  • Braced aluminium corners

And what’s great about these security doors is they don’t block your view, despite being the toughest kid on the block.

Advantages of stainless steel mesh security doors

  • Hinged or sliding options
  • Heavy duty, but light to open thanks to ball-bearing or pneumatic system
  • Multiple locking points for security
  • Lets in fresh air
  • Uninterrupted views
  • 10-year conditional warranty
  • Huge colour range

Option 2: One-way Vision Doors

We use a louvred mesh to achieve an innovative privacy screen system in these Perth security door stalwarts.

  • 2mm louvred aluminium mesh
  • Pneumatic closer on hinged doors
  • Ball bearings on sliding doors
  • Austral 3-point locking system

Privacy, without spoiling the view: that’s the defining feature of one-way vision security doors. And they’re incredibly tough against intruders.

Advantages of one-way vision doors

  • Home security without compromise
  • Same strong aluminium frame
  • Smooth opening guaranteed for years

Option 3: Decorative Security Screen Doors

We know many Perth homeowners look for security doors that ‘dress up’ their homes while still providing outstanding security. Our exciting decorative security screen door styles do both better than anyone else.

  • Made from cast aluminium
  • Variety of options to choose from
  • Austral 3-point locking system

Inspired to add a touch of style and class to your front door? See the range of cast options here.

Advantages of decorative security screen doors

  • Matching side lite panels available
  • Wide range of styles and colours
  • Security, but stylish
  • Custom made to suit your home

Option 4: AliGuard Aluminium Security Doors

Now for something a little different in Perth security doors, our AliGuard range made with a strengthened perforated aluminium sheet.

  • 6mm non-corrosive aluminium sheet
  • Powder coated (screen and frame)
  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Effective home or business security

Advantages of AliGuard security doors

  • Guaranteed to last for years
  • Durable in any weather
  • Highly effective burglar deterrent
  • Fresh air still flows
  • 3-point locking security

For a cost-effective alternative to security mesh, you can’t do better than AliGuard aluminium security doors. Or, perhaps…

Option 5: Security Grille Doors

Most people familiar with security doors in Perth will recognise the look of grille doors. But we’ve refined the design, using a sleek aluminium security grille to modernise a classic.

  • 7mm aluminium grille
  • Aluminium frame
  • PVC flywire as standard
  • Optional pet door or one-way vision mesh
  • Austral 3-point locking system
  • Sliding and hinged options
  • Door and window configurations

Grille style security doors and windows are a cost-effective alternative to mesh, with outstanding durability and security performance

Advantages of security grille doors

  • Typically more affordable compared to security mesh
  • Customisation options for pets and home protection
  • Consistent style on external doors and windows
  • 7mm aluminium grille is formidable without blocking light or fresh air

What to do when you pick a winner?

Perth’s favourite security door is really a matter of taste. We can’t decide which one you prefer, but we can design, manufacture and install it for your home or business. We’re local, highly experienced, and committed to keeping Perth safe with the best security doors and windows available.

Request a quote through our website or get in touch to arrange a custom measure and quote at a convenient time.