In Australia, approximately 1 in 10 Australians have no security measures installed at home. That’s 9.3% in Western Australia alone.

Protecting your home from intruders is a worthwhile investment. A proper security system protects your possessions and your family benefits from the added security. You can take several security measures, such as CCTV, video doorbells, and alarm systems.

If you want to learn more about increasing your home security, keep on reading. We discuss the four great benefits of roller shutters that you need to know.

1. Protection from home intruders

One of the most significant benefits of roller shutters is that they protect your home against would-be burglars. Because of the material security roller shutters are made from, they are noisy to break through. This noise draws unwanted attention to the burglar, which they’ll want to avoid.

Manufacturers make these electric roller shutters with highly durable materials. These materials take a lot of work to break through. Finally, they are a visual deterrent. Burglars who see a house with automated roller shutters will decide it’s not worth their effort and will look elsewhere.

2. Weather protection and insulation

Security doesn’t just mean focusing on criminals. Electric roller shutters also offer your home window security from the elements. When your window shutters are closed, it protects the glass in your windows from flying debris in a storm and other things that can cause damage.

Furthermore, your home is better insulated against the cold when the window shutters are closed. A frigid house can be unsafe for your family, especially if you have infants or pets.

3. Fireproofing

Electric roller shutters can offer excellent protection against fire. These window shutters are made from fireproof materials and are more fire-resistant than your windows. However, not all roller windows are fireproof, so check the rating before installing.

Depending on the installation, you may have the option to install a fire shutter, which is a mechanism that automatically closes the window shutters when smoke or fire is detected. This can help contain the fire and not allow it to spread.

4. Increased privacy

Another great benefit of professionally installed electric roller windows is the increased privacy for your home and family. This can be especially beneficial if you live on a street with high foot traffic.

In this case, you want to have the ability to close your automated roller shutters to block prying eyes from the street. Furthermore, increased privacy also means they protect your possessions from prying eyes. With security roller shutters, your items are not on display to criminals particularly at night.

Get the benefits of roller shutters with SafeGuard Industries

Protecting your home, family, and possessions is essential as crime rates increase. This is why it’s important to understand the security benefits of roller shutters. These window shutters offer protection from would-be home intruders, heavy weather, prying eyes, and fires, so they are worth the investment.

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