There are many valid reasons to acquire a sturdy security door for your property. Many business owners install security doors to provide complete safety for their company and workers, with many homeowners now following in their footsteps.

Regardless of where you live in Perth, complete safety cannot be guaranteed with an increase in burglaries and home invasions. Fitting a reliable security door means choosing the best security door material for optimum peace of mind. Consider the pros and cons of powder coated aluminium or stainless steel security doors – the two best options for complete safety.

All you need to know about Stainless Steel Security Doors

What are the advantages of stainless steel security doors?

  • Durable – made from incredibly tough stainless steel, these security doors provide a seriously strong barrier that intruders will find nearly impossible to penetrate. 
  • Long-lasting – stainless steel is a high quality material, able to withstand years of intense weather and environmental stress without detrimental damage occurring. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing – as a proud property owner you naturally want your home or business to look great as well as remaining secure, so the sleek, attractive look of well-built stainless steel doors can offer the best of both worlds. 

What are the disadvantages of stainless steel security doors?

  • Price – those on a budget may struggle to justify paying the higher price for stainless steel security doors when cheaper options are available, but bear in mind you get what you pay for. 

Customisation – the toughness of stainless steel makes it less ductile and malleable than aluminum, and therefore harder to customise.

What is the average cost of stainless steel security doors?

While you can’t put a price on safety, it’s worthwhile investigating costs to make sure you’re within budget, and not purchasing an overpriced product. At the cheaper end of the scale, steel doors can be purchased from $250 but quality will be questionable due to use of thin steel.

Quality custom-made stainless steel security doors average at $650 upwards, but are highly reliable.

All you need to know about powder coated Aluminium Security Doors

What are the advantages of aluminium powder coated security doors?

  • Custom made – the easily malleable nature of aluminum makes acquiring a custom security door in your desired shape, size, and style a cinch, 
  • Cost-effective – the affordable nature of aluminium security doors makes them a suitable choice for many Perth families and businesses on a budget. The readily available nature of the material makes it a cost-effective choice, without sacrificing safety.
  • Anti-corrosion – aluminium is well-known to be resistant to oxidation, making it highly powerful against corrosion.

What are the disadvantages of aluminium powder coated security doors?

  • Durability – when compared to high-grade stainless steel, some aluminium security doors are less durable and more likely to incur damage over time. In general, aluminium is also softer than stainless steel so they are more prone to dents. Choosing a high quality, custom-made, reinforced aluminium door will provide the long-lasting security you need. 
  • Aesthetics – some consider the sleek look of stainless steel to be a more attractive security door material, but this depends on your personal taste, as well as surrounding design aesthetics. 

What is the average cost of aluminium security doors?

Starting at around $250-$350, cheaper aluminium security doors may be affordable but tend to offer little more protection than a standard flyscreen. Consider stronger, custom-made options on offer from around $450 upwards, for a long-lasting and reliable product.

Quality and experience with Safeguard Industries

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