Keep your house warm this winter with roller shutters

During the cold winter months, we try many things to keep our house warm and cozy. Whatever measures we take, we also need to ensure that it does not cause a spike in our energy bills. We also need to ensure that it does not cause a problem when the weather starts to get warmer.

People try many things to keep their home warm, including installing windows with thicker panes, using thicker curtains, or even insulating the walls. Although these methods can help retain the heat during the winter months, they can make the house unbearably hot during the summers.

So, what could be an ideal solution to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summers? Roller shutters, of course!

Window roller shutters not just protect your house against the elements, they also provide a layer of security to your windows.

Let’s look at the benefits of roller shutters in the winter.

Minimises heat loss

Improper insulation, especially around the windows, is a major cause of heat loss during winter. Roller shutters are typically made of aluminium slats that interlock, minimizing the chances of heat loss through the gaps in between. Some people also get polyurethane foam injected in individual slats that further improve the insulation capabilities.

By installing window roller shutters, we also don’t need to change the thickness of our windows. Roller shutters take care of both insulation and protection.

Reduces condensation

When the warm air in our house touches the cold surface of our windows, it causes condensation. When that happens, the warm air is cooled rapidly, leading to significant heat loss. Out heating system, thus, needs to work harder to maintain the warmth in the house. This translates to higher energy bills.

Roller shutters prevent the warm air from coming in contact with the cold window surface. They reduce condensation, which in turn reduces the chances of possible heat loss. With lesser heat loss, your household heating does not need to be set at a higher level, bringing down your energy bills.

Maintains stable temperature indoors

A large amount of heat loss happens in our homes through our windows. Heat loss cannot be prevented with normal window shielding. However, the slats in roller shutters interlock, preventing the heat from escaping. Roller shutters are even more effective at preventing heat loss than thick curtains and other window shieldings. They help maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house.

Protects from the elements

Most window protectors are ineffective against the elements like heavy rains and cold winds. Installing insulated roller shutters can help mitigate heat loss to a great deal, keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter.

Roller shutters help maintain a stable temperature throughout the house. They prevent drastic heat loss, which in turn puts a lesser load on our heating system, bringing the energy bills down. Using shutters also eliminates the need to use heaters and other warming systems, making them even more cost-efficient. They are also wonderful for noise reduction and also keeps our home secure.

Ready to install roller shutters?

Roller shutters are not just an effective but, most importantly, an affordable way to keep our home warm and cosy during the winter. They prevent heat loss, reduce condensation, and also safeguard our homes against the elements.

Safeguard offers the best roller shutters Perth. Many people use rollers shutters for security purposes, but they can also be an excellent way to keep our house warm in winter.

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