You already know that security doors have a long list of advantages over regular doors, but you’re wondering whether the investment in installing security doors is worth the cost. The answer is a resounding YES!

For the peace of mind alone the marginal extra cost of security doors is worth it. Then there’s the added protection for your home and family, privacy benefits, reinforced locks and more – the list of benefits goes on.

However, it’s important you are getting the right product for the right price. Several things can affect the cost of your new security doors in Perth: the type of door, size of the entry, locking mechanism, and chosen material for starters. Security doors and installation can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on your preferences.

Not all Perth security door companies are the same. Finding the sweet spot of high quality, affordability, security and great service is easier than you think, if you know the top 5 factors affecting security door installation prices.

What affects the price of security doors in Perth?

1. Door configuration

Between the variety of single hinged doors, sliding or stacked sliding doors available it can be tough to choose a favourite style of security door. But keep in mind this might be the biggest cost variable.

Single hinged doors cost less than double and stacked sliding doors are pricier again. It’s always good to consider whether you need more than a single door if you’re looking to save money.

2. Screen size

With so much technology and strength in security mesh, it’s really not surprising that the cost goes up with screen size. SafeGuard Industries can custom build security screens to virtually any size but the bigger you go, the more you may be looking to pay.

Of course, bigger screens mean more security, so you’ll need to decide what is most important to you when choosing a Perth security door solution.

3. Lock type

A better lock provides more security, but it can also impact the final quote. SafeGuard Industries use Austral three-point locking systems in all our security doors, affording serious home security without charging extra for what should be a standard feature.

Our three-point locking system secures your door in at the top, middle and bottom to eradicate weak points and deter intruders.

4. Frame material

Security door frames are made from aluminium. SafeGuard Industries’ doors are well-constructed using aluminium frames that meet Australian Standards. Regardless of which style of door you choose you will find that we manufacture using heavy-duty frames and use solid corner bracing in our construction process, to ensure that our doors are strong and durable.

5. Screen material

Your chosen screen material not only has a big impact on security but may also determine how much you invest. SafeGuard Industries offer a range of cost-effective security screen materials, from low-cost grille doors to maximum strength stainless steel mesh doors and an extensive selection in between including decorative doors.

Get the best price on security screen doors with SafeGuard Industries

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve learnt a lot about how to choose the best security doors, and how to keep costs down for our customers.

Today we stock one of the largest ranges of security doors in Perth, built and installed to Australian Standards for optimal protection. Our large buying power and experienced team mean we can pass cost savings on to you while providing the kind of personalised service you value from a local company.

Get in touch with SafeGuard Industries today for a custom security door quote for your home.