Tired of bugs getting into your home or worried about kids and pets roaming out onto the street? Keep your doors open in summer to allow cool breezes to flow through with fly screen doors in Perth. Providing privacy and security while allowing for full ventilation, fly screen doors are an ideal solution for enjoying the best of summer without the stress.

Convenient, functional and affordable, learn more about the benefits of installing fly screen doors in Perth.

Why Choose Fly Screens?

A staple feature in many Australian homes, fly screens allow you to take in views, fresh breezes and natural light without compromising on safety and security. Whether it’s deterring insects and pests or keeping kids and pets in the house, fly screen doors let you make the most of warm weather without worrying about what’s getting in (or out of) the house.

Deter Insects and Pests

There’s nothing more annoying that setting food down on the table only to find that the flies have gotten to it. While it’s tempting to leave doors and windows wide open in summer, the smells and activity of your home entices flies, mosquitoes, bugs and other annoying pests inside to wreak havoc on your food and linger around your space. With fly screen doors, you can keep your doors open with confidence knowing that your home is protected from uninvited guests.

Keep Pets and Young Kids Safe

Curious by nature and drawn to new sounds and scenes, both kids and pets have a tendency to explore if let loose. By opting for a fly screen door, you can let your pets and young kids watch the world go by without having to stress about them wandering out on the street or venturing near cars. Able to be as transparent or opaque as you require, our range of fly screen doors provide you with privacy and peace of mind that your kids and pets are staying protected.

Quality Fly Screen Doors at SafeGuard Industries

Specialising in supplying and installing quality fly screen doors in Perth, SafeGuard Industries stocks a wide range of solutions to suit all residential and commercial properties. From transparent and barely-there styles to one-way vision and tinted screens for maximum privacy, we match you with the perfect fly screen for your property in Perth. Engineered for sturdiness and quality and designed to suit the style and colours of your home, our fly screen doors add security, privacy and comfort to your space.

Expert Advice on Fly Screen Doors in Perth

Find out more about installing high-quality fly screen doors in Perth. At SafeGuard Industries, we provide expert advice on our full range of doors and products. Ideal for commercial and residential properties, we offer premium products and specialised installation services to simplify the entire process.

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