When it comes to warding off intruders, nothing works quite like roller shutters. Quality security shutters are incredibly effective at increasing safety and privacy, which is why they have become increasingly popular with homeowners as well as businesses.

Residential properties gain multiple advantages from the installation of high quality roller shutters, like improved insulation and reduced energy costs, as well as ongoing protection from unwanted intruders. Read in to learn more about the benefits of Safeguard’s premium roller shutters, and how they add value to your home.

The value of quality roller shutters

Security roller shutters are durable screens that are rolled down from above a window or doorway, sealing the entrance. Having long been used as a valuable protective aid by businesses, they have become popular at Perth homes thanks to their ability to deter invaders, as well as keep our houses cool during hot summer months.

Offering homeowners peace of mind day or night, roller shutters provide an added layer of protection that allows complete privacy and security against harsh weather, peeping toms, and break-ins. 

Elevated security and privacy

The secure lock system of roller shutters is often enough to put off a would-be thief from attempting a break in, with the tough design acting as a visual deterrent. Intruders tend to choose homes that look accessible, so the addition of roller shutters brings a second layer of protection to your windows and doors.

An open or exposed window is one of the most common ways a criminal will access a home. With Safeguard’s intelligent remote control system for our premium roller shutters, you can secure your entire home in just a few seconds.

Increased insulation and reduced noise

With the majority of Perth homeowners living in neighbourhoods or residential areas, traffic and other noise disturbances can become an issue. Let’s be honest; when you get home from a long day at work, all you want is some peace and quiet!

Security roller shutters actively reduce outside noise and increase insulation, making your home cooler in summer, and warmer in the cold winter months. This ability to control your interior environment makes for a more comfortable, quiet, and secure home. 

Weather protection

The harsh weather we experience here in Western Australia can have the worst of all seasons, from intense heat and sun, to wild winds and torrential storms. Tough roller shutters stop these weather extremes before they penetrate your home’ windows, helping control temperatures and block both cold winds and strong UV rays from impacting your comfort at home. 

Just like it improves your home’s insulation, the ability of roller shutters to regulate the interior temperature means energy bills can be significantly reduced, with less heating and air conditioning needed over the course of the year. 

Added value – lower insurance

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the future or not, security roller shutters have an impressive ability to raise its value. The increased safety and privacy from an additional secure barrier at your home’s entryway means an increased level of protection; an appealing feature for potential buyers.

Likewise, this enhanced security means your insurance premium could be reduced thanks to the decreased likelihood of break-ins or criminal damage being done. Once your sturdy new shutters have been installed, contact your insurer for a revised quote. 

Trusted security with Safeguard Industries

Safeguard Industries are leading suppliers of high quality roller shutters and security screens, providing long-lasting solutions with premium materials and experienced installations. Regardless of your home’s size or custom requirements, our security shutters offer increased comfort and safety thanks to expert engineering and reliable construction.

Contact us today for a quote on custom WA made roller shutters, call us now on (08) 9418 3880, or learn more about how security shutters can benefit your home.