Thinking of getting security shutters? Offering a wide range of benefits – from added privacy and security to energy cost reduction and insulation – security shutters are quickly becoming a must-have for homes.

Specialising in high quality roller shutters in PerthSafeGuard Industries crafts and installs premium security shutters to protect your home day and night. Learn more about the benefits of security shutters and what sets SafeGuard Industries’ roller shutters apart from the competition.

Insulation and Noise Reduction

The key to a comfortable home is insulation and noise reduction. From minimising street sounds in the middle of the night to keeping your home warm and comfortable during winter, security shutters allow you to control your interior environment with ease. Instead of adding insulation from the inside, like curtains and blinds, insulated high-quality security shutters reduce noise and harsh temperatures on the outside before they penetrate into your home.

Added Security and Privacy

Security shutters are one of the most effective ways of deterring threats and intruders. In general, intruders and thieves will choose the property that looks most accessible and easy. Often, bare windows and doors without protection will budge fairly quickly. By adding security shutters to your property, you make your home significantly more difficult to enter by unauthorised guests.

Weather Protection for Your Home

Australia is home to harsh weather. From blocking strong and intense sun and UV rays throughout the summer to grey winters and freezing winds, weather can greatly impact the comfort and temperature inside your home. While internal blinds and curtains help control temperature slightly, security shutters do the best job. Stopping hot or cool temperatures before they penetrate window glass, you’re able to minimise outside temperatures seeping into your home. Plus, you can also save on your heating and cooling costs year-round.

Potential Lower Insurance Premium

When you add security shutters to your home, you’re installing a secure, sturdy and reliable barrier that protects your home. Security shutters also minimise the chances of becoming a target for theft, break-ins and damage. In recognition of your home’s enhanced protection, your insurance company may consider your home as less of a risk and decrease your insurance premiums. After you’ve fitted your security shutters, contact your insurance company to get a revised quote that reflects your new level of defence.

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Add to the value of your home and increase your comfort, security and insulation with security shutters. Engineered and constructed from premium materials and made with longevity and protection in mind, SafeGuard Industries installs quality security shutters for homes of all sizes.

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